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The Atlantis Expedition, is Earth's international mission to the Ancient city of Atlantis in the Pegasus galaxy. The motivation for the establishment of the expedition was the discovery of the Ancient outpost in Antarctica. The reason that it is international was because many believed the project was to important for an exclusive province of one nation, as well as the fact that according to American and international law, Antarctica is international territory and hence it would be technically illegal for only the United States to operate facilities without global participation or at the least, international knowledge. The members of the Antarctic Treaty formed an international commiittee, originally dubbed as the Atlantis Committee was formed, creating a truly official and first time global body for the management of Earth's off-world affairs.


Atlantis CommitteeEdit

Main article: List of Nations of the Atlantis Committee

Over two dozen countries have been confirmed to have at least one member in the expedition. The Atlantis Committee is composed of the representatives of several nations, but the leading officials of the committee are mainly that of the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Russia, Australian, and China. However, other numerous nations have sent individuals to Atlantis.


Main article: List of Atlantis Personnel

Specific individuals of within the Stargate Program have special duties, an example of these are the Atlantis Teams. Others range from science to exploration-diplomatic roles. Many personnel in the Expedition have wide ranges of backgrounds, nationalities, and more, whom all serve a purpose to help Earth, gain knowledge, and combat enemy hostiles.


Main article: Tau'ri uniforms and armorsThe Atlantis personnel differ heavily in nationality, role, and rank. Every member wear uniforms that are color coded to distinguish the difference between these roles. In addition, each member has a flag patch that contains the flag of the member's home country. Though the most common uniforms are almost all charcoal black, however some have been seen with all-khaki uniforms, which are also color coded. The colors indicate what specialty the members are apart. For example:
  • Red (civilian, leader)
  • Blue (scientist)
  • Yellow (medical)
  • Black (military)
  • Green (technician)

Atlantis Alpha TeamsEdit

Main article: Atlantis Teams

During the formation of the Atlantis Expedition's arrival, there were four initial teams established to explore the Pegasus galaxy. The Atlantian military personnel all come from different backgrounds, but nonetheless follow the proper chain of command. When assigned to the military duty to Atlantis, each military individual must be familiar with the organization in which the Atlantis Military operations function, which operate similarly to UN Peace Forces.

There are currently twelve Atlantis Teams that are divided into various assignments. At the Bravo Site there are only three teams. Atlantis Command also keeps a tight grip on negative behavior, due to Commander Woolsey's policies. Those acting out on their own accord are swiftly punished, especially in the Military division of Atlantis Command.

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