Daedalus Class Battle Cruiser
Production information

Tau’ri - UEGA (previously)/UESC (currently):



  • Before R-Day:$700,000,000 (not available for purchase)
  • After R-Day:$50,000,000 (not available for purchase)
Technical specifications
Ship Length

225 meters

Ship Width

95 meters

Ship Height/depth

75 meters

Engine unit(s)


Hyperdrive system


Power plant

Naquadah/Trinium alloy

Sensor systems

Asgard Sensor Array

Targeting systems

Earth Targeting Systems

Navigation system

Computer Navigational Systems


4 to 200 crew members


215 personnel

Cargo capacity
  • 2,000 tons
  • 40 days worth of Consumables to 60 days if rationed.
Other systems
  • Battle Cruiser
  • Deep Space Carrier
  • Flagship (Odyssey/Daedalus)
Year introduced

2005 w



The BC/DSC-304, also known as the Daedalus-Class warship, is a Deep Space Carrier or more appropriately, Battle Cruiser, built by the Tau'ri, and is the most advanced human-built series of vessels in the IOA Space Forces. As of 2011, nine Daedalus-class battlecruisers have been developed, seven commissioned, and two under construction. The Korolev, which was handed over to the Russian Federation, was lost in the battle with the Ori.


Even though referred to as the "sister ship" of the BC-303 Prometheus, the 304 differs significantly in both design and technology. However, after the Asgard entrusted their legacy to the Tau'ri, Earth has now had the chance to drastically change the technologies in the BC-303 design, thus creating the BC-303A.

Originally, the 303 was reverse-engineered with Goa'uld technology, salvaged components and equipment, such as the transporter rings, though the 304s incoporated Asgard technology into their actual design. Every 304 vessel is equipped with Asgard shields, sensors, and transporters, as well as intergalactic hyperdrive technology that allows Daedalus-class ships to ferry supplies from Earth to Atlantis in the Pegasus galaxy.

The Asgard formerly refused to mount any of their weapon technologies onto the 304s, but were to only change their minds when they were faced with their own extinction as a race. The Odyssey was then installed with the Asgard's latest and most advanced plasma beam weapons. Later, the Daedalus and Apollo were updated with these changes. All current and under construction 304s have been provided with these weapons.




304 Bridge

Bridge of the Odyssey

304 Bridge Front

Front of the Bridge

The 304s contain several upgrades over the Prometheus, but the bridge layout is quite similar. The forward view port is wider and allows greater visual expanse, which is useful during battle situations without having to hinder the captain's chair. The view port also holds a heads-up display for the benefit of the captain. To the right of the captain is the Weapons Officer and to the left is the Helmsman.

Every 304's mapy display table is color-coded with a a different color. The Daedalus' is green, as apposed to the alternate Daedalus, which had a blue display. The Odyssey's is orange, Apollo's is blue, and the Korolev's was a lighter blue. The significance of this is for the sole purpose of being able to identify the difference between two 304s.


Engineering Room3

Daedalus' Engineering Room

The engineering room was quite hard in the biggining for the benefit of Asgard operators, but since their death, the control panels have changed slightly. A view port overlooking the Asgard hyperdrive can be found at the aft end of the chamber. The engine room can accommodate a dozen personnel at any given time. Duties such as systems diagnostics to deployment of weapons can be rerouted here.

Briefing RoomEdit


The Odyssey's briefing room

All 304s are developed with a briefing room, in which the commanding officer of the ship may meet with the senior officers of the vessel for briefing before operations throughout the ship are carried out or battle situations. The briefing room is a spacious room with a high ceiling that is paneled with gray tones and mounted with extensive florescent lighting fixture on the ceiling. It is proceeded by a large black, conference table, with a rows of seats along the sides and fronts. Situated behind the captain's chair, is a large flat screen monitor built into the wall. As a screensaver, it displays the seal of the ship with the ship name at the top and the registry number of the vessel along the bottom edge of the screen.


Infirmaries are almost identical to the ones onboard 303s. They contain several rooms with hospital beds and a few storage rooms, stocked with all types of medications for the crew members, as well as equipment to support the crew during injuries that would be possible to sustain onboard the ship. There is also a surgical suite within the infirmary.

Hangar Bay A & BEdit

304 Flight Deck

Right Flight Deck of a 304, also known as Hangar A

304 Hanger Bay

Left Flight Deck of a 304, also known as Hangar B

Officer's MessEdit

Bomb BayEdit

304 Horizon Deployment

Apollo deploying the Horizon




Cloaking DeviceEdit

Asgard TransportersEdit

Ring TransportersEdit


Naquadah generatorsEdit


Asgard Power CoreEdit

Asgard CoreEdit


Maneuvering thrustersEdit

Sublight enginesEdit





Asgard Pulse CannonsEdit

Asgard Plasma Beam CannonsEdit

Nuclear ArsenalEdit

Known 304sEdit

Assigned LocationEdit

Milky Way FleetEdit

With the victory against the Ori, Earth has now had the oppurtunity to proceed in 304 production. Because of the War with the Wraith, the IOA has had to split the commissioned 304s into two fleets, one for Atlantis Command, and the other for Earth and her colonies. The current assigned vessels to the Milky Way galaxy are:

Pegasus FleetEdit

To help the Atlantis Expedition against the War with the Wraith, the IOA assigned multiple vessels to help combat against the enemy. The 304s stationed at the Pegasus Galaxy are presently:


Ship SchematicsEdit



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