304s Soaring

Three of Earth's BC/DSC-304s: Ares, Odyssey, and Shouren.

The IOA Space Forces comprise every starship owned by Earth, whether constructed, acquired by trade, or captured from an enemy.


Eventually, after several years of strenuous research and development in alien technologies extracted from off-world missions, billions of dollars in spending for research and work, and both successful and failed prototypes, the Tau'ri were ultimately able to construct their first glider vessel based primarily on Goa'uld technology scavenged from two captured Death Gliders. This was the X-301, a Tau'ri/Goa'uld hybrid. In the end however, it was a failure due to several of the alien components.

After a brief setback, the USAF decided to approach the need for a space-born defense from a different angle, and created an entirely human designed spacecraft, with components founded upon the knowledge the Tau'ri had gained from alien technology instead of incorporating alien tech to the ship's systems. This new prototype became the X-302, a small, 2-man, space-capable craft, with the appearance of an advanced MiG or F-22 Raptor. F-302s are now the standard space-worthy interceptors used by the Tau'ri military.

It wasn't long after the creation of F-302 that Earth was able to develop its very first interstellar Battle Cruiser, the X-303 Prometheus. However, it was still inferior to many other races' advanced and powerful class vessels across the galaxy. Ultimately though, the Asgard assisted the Tau'ri to create a newer, more powerful, and more advanced design, the BC/DSC-304 Daedalus class Deep Space Carrier/Battle Cruiser. The 304 has become the Tau'ri's trademark ship, and is extremely powerful, rivaling even the most powerful alien vessels such as the Ori Motherships which invaded the Milky Way Galaxy, and the massive Wraith Hive Ships in Pegasus.

Earth has now successfully been able to develop other, newer starship classes, and has incorporated much of Ancient technology into their own. The Gateships which the Ancients constructed are now designated as part of the Tau'ri military class ships as the "Puddle Jumper" class, or, more appropriately, the Gateship. Variants include the GS-001, GS-002, and GS-003. The Lantian Warships have also been established as apart of the IOA Space Forces.

Not only has Earth successfully constructed its own starships, but they have even developed an operational and highly, advanced space station in the void between the Milky Way and Pegasus galaxies. This space station was known as Midway and was connected to the McKay-Carter Intergalactic Gate Bridge. However, it was infiltrated by the Wraith and destroyed. Earth is currently constructing a second Midway Space Station that rivals it's predecessor.

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