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Physical information
Political and Military information
Societal information
Historical information


This infobox is for use of Tau’ri occupied planets. Should only be used on Tau’ri controlled, occupied, or colonized planets articles.

Instruction usageEdit


Data fieldsEdit

  • name – Simply list the name of the ship in italics.
  • image – put a link to the image at a width of 250 pixels or less.
  • galaxy – Galaxy where the planet is located
  • region – Region where the planet is located
  • sector – Sector where the planet is located
  • system – Star System where the planet is located
  • suns – The number of stars in the solar system
  • moons – List of moons or the most notable ones in the solar system
  • satellites – List of satellites or the most notable ones in the solar system
  • position – Planet’s position in the system around its sun(s)
  • lengthday – The Rotation period of the planet (hours in a day)
  • lengthyear – The Orbital period of the planet (days in a year)
  • distance – Planet’s distance from the Core of the Galaxy
  • class – Planet’s classification type
  • atmosphere – Atmosphere of the planet
  • climate – Climate temperature of the planet
  • gravity – Gravity of the planet
  • terrain – Terrain of the planet (or “main” type of terrain of the planet)
  • water – Percent of Surface Water on the planet
  • interest – Points of interest across the planet
  • governor – Governor of the civilian population of the planet
  • mayors – Mayors of the number of cities established on the planet surface
  • leaders – Notable Industrial and Political Individuals of the civilian population on the planet
  • commanders – List of Senior Military Commanders in charge of military operations on the planet
  • patrolled – List of ships that patrol and protect the planet
  • species – Native species to the planet
  • otherspecies – Immigrated species
  • wildlife – List of the most notable or unique wildlife on the planet
  • language – Official language(s) spoken
  • population – Population of both military and civilian personnel
  • cities – Number of cities spread across the planet
  • bastions – Number of established Military Bastions on the planet
  • industries – Notable Economic Industries founded or maintained on the world
  • tech – Planet’s technological tier
  • tinterest – Tau’ri’s interest in occupying the planet
  • array – The significance of the planet’s threat level to enemy factions
  • affiliation – Planet’s affiliation
  • formed – Faction or organization from which the planet was formed from
  • established – Year of establishment for the Tau’ri
  • aspects – Most notable aspects of the planet

Display parametersEdit

  • hidea (hides astrographical information section header)
  • hidep (hides physical information section header
  • hidepm (hides Political and Military information section header)
  • hides (hides societal information section header)
  • hideh (hides historical information section header)


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