Triton Spaceworks Assembly Corporation
Organizational information

Department of Homeland Security

Led by

Various Industries secretly connected to the Stargate Program


Stargate Program, Area 51, Atlantis Command, IOA

Parent organization

Multiple High-Tech Corporations


Area 51, Area 52, Stargate Command, Alpha Site III, Beta Site, Gamma Site II

Primary role(s)

"To develop advanced technologies for Earth's defense and exploration of science."

Major products
Chronological and political information

May 5, 2010



The Triton Spaceworks Assembly Corporation is a private corporation contracted by the United States Air Force to produce technologies required by the Stargate Program and Earth’s space fleet.


The Department of Homeworld Security has worked strenuously with private military contractors over the years in order to keep an aura of complete and total secrecy around the Stargate. Since corporation leaders were only able to share a certain amount of information with company employees, the DHS coordinated and set up a privately owned corporation run by multiple high-tech industries to work on the technologies required by DHS programs, including small essentials and instruments such as locator beacons and experimental weapons created in Area 51.

Involved CompaniesEdit

The companies that make up the Triton Spaceworks Assembly Corporation are:

Organizations Within TSACEdit

Smaller organizations within the Triton Spaceworks Assembly Corporation include:

  • Storm Workshop Networks, which produces technologies pertaining to experimental military fire-arms and armor/suit protection.
Includes products issued towards training devices and services, instrumentation, and navigation.
including the Midway Space Station. Astrodrive Heavy Engineering also receives access to armament and engine products for assembling.
all other medical technologies required by the SGC.
Naquadah Generators.